Woman Stuns Doctors by Healing Her Own Cancer. These Are The Fruits That Helped Her

When she was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer,Candice Mare Fox was only 31 years old. Doctors gave her not more than 5 years to live. What she did next shocked the doctors.

Candice, in 2011 discovered a lump above her collar bone. It turned out to be thyroid cancer. The cancer spread to other organsdespite the initial treatments.

After she sawtwo of her friends die from cancer, she determined that the cancer didn’t killed them, but the treatments themselves. She eventually chose not to continue to sufferon chemotherapy. Despite the advises of the doctors,  Candice had done her own research and chose to not harm her bodyany further.

As an alternative, she chose to eat 3 pineapples a day, every day. She ate other fruits like apples,grapefruit, lemons, bananas, papaya, and kiwi. Plus, she completely cut out animal protein from her diet. After 6  months, the stage 4 cancer was completely disappeared. Her doctors, even thoughwere shocked with her results, declared that she has no more cancer.

Candice said,I got rid of the cancer by starving it. I learned that the bromelain from the pineapple, papaya and kiwi destroys the protein layer of the cancer. The animal proteins feed the cancer and when I eat heavy meals, my energy is directed towards food ingestion, so the body cannot heal itself. I ate a lot of fruits, which enabled me to save myself from the cancer. I am thankful to be alive. I had 5 years or six 6 to get rid of this disease. I decided to show them that I can do that myself. I started eating a lot of fruits, sometimes I consumed nothing but fruit for seven days”.

The science behind her results is, actually, due to the ability for bromelain to “eat” cancer cells. Candice Fox also eliminated chemicals from her life by eliminatingthehousehold cleaning productsand cosmetics, she quit smoking, and she made huge attempts to reduce stress in her life. “Stress, chemicals and products of animal origin feed cancer. That’s why I got rid of them,”  declares Candice.

Together with all of the changes she made, she points out that the most important factor in killing cancer isdiet. She explains, “Nutrition plays an important role, along with positive attitude, regular exercise, even spirituality. Fruits, such as pineapple, contain bromelain which is known for its positive effect against cancer.”

Candice Fox is yet another example of someone who has rejected the conventional cancer treatment industry and who has crushed cancer on her own terms. Now imagine the health benefits you can have if you start doing the things she did to get rid of her cancer BEFORE you were ever diagnosed.


SOURCE: www.healthyfoodhouse.com