WARNING: Mom Applies This Remedy To Her Baby And Shortly After He Dies, Moms Be Careful With This

You are all familiar with Vick VapoRub which is considered as a harmless ointment and very beneficial against fever, nasal congestion and numerous other health conditions.

However, in this article we will present you a story which will make you question yourself twice before using it again. People who have small children should be even more careful because this ointment can actually bring fatal consequences to their kids.

This story is about a Mexican mother who tries to warn other parents all over the world about VapoRub and to avoid someone else going through the same situation as her own. She has lost her 2-years-old baby due to this supposedly harmless ointment.

One day, she came home from work, and when she tried to kiss her child, she noticed that he had a fever. Immediately she assumed that it was just a common cold, and she decided to rub some Vick VapoRub on her baby’s chest, back and under his nose. She did this in order to help him breathe easier. After that, she tucked him up and laid down next to the baby. She fell asleep next to her baby almost immediately because she was very tired. When she woke up, she took her baby to the hospital immediately, but sadly, it was all for nothing, her baby was dead for hours. According to the medical report, her baby died due to inflammation in the respiratory tract, produced by the camphor contained in the famous ointment.

She could never imagine that a home remedy would take her baby’s life, and her only purpose was to help him breathe easier. Unfortunately, the ointment reacted exactly the opposite. You should know that this ointment is effective for adults, but when it comes to young children, under the age of 2, this ointment increases the mucus by 60% which accumulates on the trachea thus blocking the breathing.

Even though there is a label that warns that this ointment is contraindicated for children younger than 3, In this particular case it went unnoticed. People all over the world use home remedies, but we can only hope that this unfortunate story will draw attention to the fact that when children are concerned, we must read the labels carefully and most importantly, we should ask for advice from experts prior to using them.

Just a simple and unwanted mistake can take our loved ones, which is why we should be extremely careful and seek medical advice for any ailment.

Source: healthandwellness365.com