You thought Vodka Was Just a Drink, But Here Are 8 Genius Uses They Didn’t Tell You

Vodka is a popular drink which is composed of water and ethanol.  It is quite trendy and it can be found in any restaurant, party, or small gathering.  It is flavorless so it merges well with other beverages without altering the flavor of the additional ingredients.

Interestingly, vodka is also touted for its therapeutic value, both as external lotion which can be used topically and a consumable medication.  The health benefits of this beverage include relief from bad breath and toothaches, reduction in stress, and improved cardiovascular health.  Its astringent properties help in stimulating hair growth, its antiseptic properties help disinfect wounds, and its astringent nature also keeps the hair healthy.

Nearly every good homeowner has a bottle of inexpensive bottle of vodka in the freezer.  The reason might surprise you, though! Read on to find out the 8 genius Vodka uses you probably never thought of:

1. Food deodorizer

Stinky feet are definitely the worst and no one wants to deal with the embarrassment of having them. Luckily, there is a way to get rid of them! Interestingly enough, you can solve this problem with a natural deodorant: vodka. Mix some vodka with water and spray the solution in your smelly shoes.

2. Deodorize laundry

If you have been out at a smoky room, simply spritz the clothes with vodka and place them in a well-ventilated area.

3. Treat poison ivy

Summer activities mean increased risk of poison ivy.  In case you find yourself with a rash, pour some vodka onto the affected area to get rid of the poison oils and get a relief.

4. Cool a jelly fish sting

As much fun swimming in the ocean is, it does come with serious risks, such as a jelly fish sting. If this is the case, simply pour vodka on the sting to relieve the pain and disinfect the area.

5. Insect repellent

Store-bought insect repellents can cost a little fortune, plus most of them are ineffective. What you are left with then?

Well, as suggested by Do It Yourself, the mixture of vodka and lavender, basil, or any other sweet-smelling herbs helps repel them effectively and in an all-natural way.

6. Keep flowers fresher longer

It is a shame that flowers wilt quickly, as we all love them! To keep them fresh for an extended period of time, mix a teaspoon of sugar with a couple of drops of vodka into the water in the vase.

7. Remove upholstery stains

Using a clean cloth soaked in vodka to rub the stain is an effective way to remove it fast and easy!

8. Soothe aching muscles

We are familiar with the fact that drinking after an intense workout can make you sick, it turns out that massaging the sore muscles with cold water and vodka can do wonders for your aching muscles.

Cleaning with Vodka

  • Mix vodka with an essential oil of choice to make a linen spray and freshen up the room naturally
  • Mix water, mineral water, essential oils, and vodka to make a room diffuser
  • Add half a cup of vodka to your wash to de-stink mildew clothes
  • Pour some vodka into a spray bottle and spritz on the mattress to disinfect it
  • Spray vodka on chrome and buff with a towel for a nice shine
  • Apply some vodka on sticky area to remove the sticky labels with an ease
  • Spray vodka on glass and wipe for a beautiful shine
  • Soak your jewelry in a container of vodka and then wipe with a clean cloth
  • Wash away soap scum by spraying vodka onto the affected area