She Poured Listerine On A Cotton Ball And Then Rubbed Her Armpits. After A Few Minutes She Noticed Amazing Results

Can you imagine using Listerine for anything other than rinsing your mouth? It was first produced in 1879, and medics used it as a surgical antiseptic.

But, it was first used as a mouthwash against bad breath in the 1970s.

Here are some practical uses of Listerine:

  1. Clean screens

Use Listerine to clean your TV and computer screens.

  1. Repel fleas

Listerine can help you get rid of any fleas without the use of expensive toxic products.

  1. Get rid of bad odors

Soak a cloth or paper towel in Listerine, and put it in your trashcan to remove any bad odors.

  1. Remove underarm bacteria and unpleasant odor

Soak a cotton pad in Listerine, and dab it on your underarms to kill bacteria and bad odors. A woman from Boston, USA has tried this trick, few minutes after she rubbed her armpits with the cotton pad she was really surprised by the results.

  1. Soothe bug bites and itchiness

Apply Listerine on your bug bites. You can also use it to relieve poison ivy and poison oak stings.

  1. Fresh toilet

Pour Listerine in the toilet bowl, and scrub.

  1. Treat toenail fungus

Add Listerine to your foot bath, and soak your feet in for half an hour.

  1. Fight dandruff

Massage Listerine on your scalp, cover your head with a towel, and rinse after a while.

  1. Disinfect toothbrushes

Soak your toothbrush in Listerine for a few hours.

  1. Acne treatment

Dab Listerine onto your acne twice a day.